The core of the activities

of the group and also its name “LATOMIKI” signify the development of quarries and the trade of the products of extraction for many years to a top grade quality. The Group exploits in total three quarries for the production of all types of inert material, two in the District of Heraklion in the areas of “Pompia” and “Damasta” and one in the District of Attica in the area of “Xirorema”.

For the production and trade of ready mixed concrete the group operates three self owned units on the island of Crete, established in the areas of Industrial Area of Heraklion, Miron and Ierapetra. In Industrial Area of Heraklion, the group operates a modern asphalt plant for the production of asphalt concrete mixture.


Latomiki Group is dedicated to being a partner for construction needs. We offer professional services in 4 main sectors.

Industrial Facilities