Latomiki is a leading player in complex infrastructure projects.
Dams, hydraulic works, bridges, motorways, wind farms, civil and industrial engineering are among the fields the we operate in.

Ηigh Quality of Services
We are in the forefront of construction companies on an international level in applying Quality, Safety and Environmental Management Systems, respectively certified to ISO 9001:2008, ISO 18001:2008 International Standards, across our entire spectrum of operations.
Experienced Staff
At the core of the Latomiki Group is its employees. It is their professionalism, hard work, loyalty, integrity and dedication to quality and safety standards that have earned the Latomiki Group its successes.
Corporate Social Responsibility
We are aware of the social role that our company plays, so we aim for the continuous development, modernization and ultimate growth of society.


Latomiki Group is proud of varied, deep and broad portfolio in its area of activity

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